We will open registration on Oct 21st 9am

Registration will close at 9pm on Dec 4th. Late registration will be accepted on a case-by-case basis under specific criteria at the discretion of our administration.

Qualifications -

1. You reside in one of the following areas - DVSD, PJSD, Montague elementary area or ESSD in Pike County.

2. Your child is 17 or younger. Mentally disabled children qualify up to age 21 if they still attend a public school program.

3. All children you apply for must live with you as primary residence

4. You must be on food stamps/SNAP; children must be listed on benefits. Free school lunch does qualify if your school does not provide free lunch for everyone. Medical does not qualify. Pebt does not qualify.

5. You must be able to provide verification including ID with address, birth certificates of all children on application & current SNAP/FREE lunch letter with all children listed.